A. We make sure we get the right car for you by speaking with you to make sure that all of your needs are met. This is the most important requirement for us.
A. In 99% of the cases the cars will be supplied by Franchised Main dealers.  You will pay them directly once all parties have agreed on the terms of the transaction.
A. The car should be right. Every detail will have been discussed to the point that everyone is aware of all the details.
A. Once we have established the terms of the deal and how much the saving is, we will discuss the fee.  This is only charged once the deal is complete, on the day of delivery, and you the client are completely satisfied.  An estimate is provided to you at the point of enquiry.
A. Well you can….! In fact sometimes you should go and get your own quote. Only this way you will know how good we actually are at getting a better deal.
A. No, there is no obligation until you are happy with the terms of the deal and have signed the agreement.
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