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Could this modern day Isetta be the future of motoring?

An American designer has come up with a vision for a 21st century BMW Isetta.

modern-day-isettaThe Isetta or ‘bubble car’ as it was known, was a very small two-seater with a motorcycle engine that redefined the idea of a small car, so a modern day version could be just the ticket – especially with the upcoming ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

Justin Hyunjung Cho designed a retro version of the ’60s classic that kept to the small proportions of the car, but added an electric motor instead that is ideal for future motoring.

Seeing the Isetta as a car 70 years ahead of its time, Cho decided it was the ideal basis on which to design a modern car.

The drawings show a revolutionary concept whereby the original hinged front end that fully opened, and was in fact the only door on the vehicle, would be replicated with a removable piece of [...]

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