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Jaguar E-Type ZeroJaguar has this morning revealed plans to convert classic E-Types into battery-powered, fully-electric vehicles capable of driving around any future ban on petrol engines in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world. Jaguar describes the new prototype, called “E-Type Zero’ as an example of how to “future proof” classic car ownership, but it also demonstrates the company’s eagerness to keep the E-Type – maybe the world’s most famous non-Italian car – front of mind in a future that looks likely to be dominated by increasingly generic battery cars.

The Zero is more than just an E-Type body running on a toy car electric chassis, however. Rare for an electric car is the Zero’s front engined/rear drive layout, with power taken to the car’s original differential via a propshaft. Jaguar Classic says this ensures the electric-E drives just like its petrol-powered parent, among the fastest [...]

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